Our Services

What are the services offered at Syan Video Productions?
Following are some of the main services offered at Syan Video Productions. We welcome any enquiry.

Still and Video album over the net
This is a new concept wherein we design a website specifically for any event with still photographs and video clips. You can send the web address to you clients, family & friends and they would be able to see the photographs and video clips from anywhere on the face of this earth.

Live Video Internet Broadcasting
Through Live Video Internet Broadcasting any event can be viewed at the same instant as it happens anywhere over the world through the internet. All you need to do is to invite your audience to login to our site.

Post-Production editing facility
If you have an existing recording in any media and would like to edit or enhance it, add special effects or change the background music etc. we can help you with that. Most of the marriage coverage runs for hours together and nobody has patience to see the whole length. We can edit it for you by just sorting and adding the significant clips and making it as short as you want it to be, it could be as short as 5 minutes. Now you'll have long version for records but one for your guest.

HD videography/Digital Photography
HD Blu-ray DVD are also available

DJ Services

Mandap & Decoration services

Slideshow Projector
No matter what the event, it’s assured to be even more unforgettable with a personalized slideshow projector presentation.

What all does Syan Video Productions cover?
There is absolutely nothing that we cannot cover but following are the most popular events that we have been covering:

We have packages to suite every need and budget. We can specifically customize it to your requirement, just give us a call and we'll have the estimate ready within no time. It is our promise that with Syan Video Productions, you'll get the best possible service at the least possible price.

Package 1

Single camera coverage and one complementary DVD. Rate are charged per hour.

Package 2

Two camera coverage and one complementary DVD . Rate are charged per hour.

Package 3

One or two camera coverage and rate are charged for the whole day. This would be lot cheaper if you have day long events.

We charge nominal travel charges to cover car rental or airfare.